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There are enormous ranges of opportunities for significant cost reductions, service enhancements and behavioral changes through what is often broadly referred to as 'e-health'.


The major impact of Technology on payers will be the advent of ICT with an ability to manage the system. This is in order to better account for expenditures and to manage the flow of funds and contain costs.


It is clear that the entire healthcare system could reap significant gains from an integrated approach to supply chain management that includes the entire range of hospital and medical supplies and linkages to other players in the healthcare system. Electronic scheduling and patient management systems could improve scheduling of tests and procedures and thereby reduce the length of hospital stays and need for multiple visits. Linking insurers, healthcare providers, financial institutions, consumers into claiming and payment systems also have the potential to significantly reduce administrative costs and improve quality of service.


CSM’s healthcare solutions have the following features :
  • Solutions are capable of aggregating clinical data meaningfully across disparate systems
  • Comprehensive, fully integrated talent solution—from recruitment to succession planning
  • A single set of controls for enterprise access and compliance management across contracting and finance
  • Integrated enterprise solution for secure provider collaboration
  • Reduces the operating cost and increases the quality of the healthcare services.
  • Improves the quality of the service provided by the hospitals in collection and management of the patient’s information
  • Integrated solution provides real-time access to the electronic patient records
  • Advanced technology enables the healthcare system to be accessible from handheld devices – mobiles and PDA
  • Improves customer management, billing process, clinical data storage, and claims management thereby generating more revenue by providing better customer service
  • Decreases cost of operation by eliminating administrative cost of paper records
  • Minimizes the risk of error and cost and time associated with multiple data entry leading to redundancy of information
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