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Jewelry Management Solutions

Earth Corporation offers total jewelry software solutions for the jewelry and diamond retailers and wholesalers segments. We are familiar with and have the ability to effectively manage the key business areas associated with clients, vendors, inventory management, costing, pricing, sales, and distribution pertaining to the jewelry market. We can help to increase your business. Although our solutions are specifically designed to manage all standard aspects associated with any business dealing with jewelry and diamonds, all of our products can be easily customized to suit your work flow and business working. In addition, we can simplify your method of working, and help you save upon employee costs by offering specialized facilities which can “do the work” of any employee. Our solutions can help you take proper and informed decision which can help your business to grow.


Unique features of our software solutions
  • Create and maintain an up-to-date log of current prices of precious metals like platinum, gold, palladium, silver, and rhodium
  • Avail and compare the price quotes in different markets
  • Discover current market trends and price fluctuations in the precious metals market
  • Determine the end value of gold and other metals in the finished sellable products
  • Calculate and determine the profitability with respect to price changes in the market and ascertain the end vendor price
  • Find the price differences and profitability in different currencies
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