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Travel and Tourism Industry

Earth Corporation delivers solutions for some of the largest companies in the Travel & Tourism industry. Earth Corporation - Travel & Tourism practice comprises experts who have worked with and for airlines, tour operators, OTAs, corporate travel, hotels, travel distribution intermediaries, hospitality and logistics organizations.


Earth Corporation - Travel & Tourism industry practice leverages domain expertise and strategic alliances, to provide innovative application frameworks and solutions. These frameworks and solutions significantly improve time-to-market while lowering the risks involved in adoption of new technologies and systems for our customers.


Business Challenges

Even as the Travel and Tourism industry growth story continues, the basic challenges that need to be addressed to create a good business model in this industry remain the same. Travel businesses still need to ensure robust, reliable and sustainable solutions for :

  • Inventory management
  • Bookings
  • Streamlining sales
  • Accessing distribution channels that let them sell both online and offline
  • Engage effectively with customers
  • Top class reporting system
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